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Pediatric Dentistry

Helping Children Stay Healthy in Calgary

Age should not prevent children from getting the care they need. Our dentist, Dr. Philip Love, and his staff want to help families have healthy smiles. Love Dental Panorama Hills provides children’s dental care in Panorama Hills, Country Hills, Harvest Hills, Coventry, and all other Calgary neighbourhoods. We are not specialists, but we can help children achieve good oral health.

Helping Children Stay Comfortable

Most dental phobias start in childhood, as a younger patient has a hard time becoming comfortable. Later on, they associate that anxiety with seeing the dentist. This makes them less likely to receive critical oral health care in the future.

The key to providing children’s dental care is to encourage their comfort. Our Calgary dentist works hard to help your children feel relaxed through constant communication.

Dr. Love takes a gentle and gradual approach while describing treatment. This helps prevent children from feeling overwhelmed and gives them a better understanding of what dentistry is like. He also uses language they can understand, so the treatments seem less scary or threatening. Additionally, Dr. Love constantly talks to and compliments them. The patients often feel involved in the care they receive as a result. The conversation itself even serves as a distraction from the feeling of treatment.

Engaging in child-oriented conversation and allowing parents stay in the room help children stay comfortable. Love Dental Panorama Hills strives to be compassionate with patients of every age.

Child-Focused Treatment

The routine children’s dental visit is similar to an adult’s. Dr. Love carefully examines their smile to make sure there are not any developing health concerns. Then, a cleaning removes the plaque buildup from the teeth. The main difference is the type of treatments administered to keep a child healthy.

Fluoride and sealants are the more popular examples. Fluoride strengthens the enamel against decay, and sealants prevent food from collecting on the molars.

Dr. Love also provides specialized treatment that removes infected baby teeth.

Additionally, Dr. Love can arrange your child’s orthodontic exams with a specialist. A trusted orthodontist can better provide corrective treatments through these early visitations.

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Love Dental Panorama Hills offers children’s dental care to all Calgary communities. We see anyone with dental health concerns and especially enjoy helping children. For more information about our family-based dental care options, call us today.

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