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Treating Dental Emergencies in Panorama Hills

Patients experiencing dental pain or having recently had trauma to their teeth can call Love Dental Panorama Hills to conduct a consultation and schedule a same-day appointment if necessary. 

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Treating a dental emergency as soon as possible greatly improves your chances of restoring the dental anatomy and appearance before their event.

If you're in pain, we can usually see you on the same day that you contact us.

Several complications can warrant an emergency trip to the dental office:


Patients may experience tooth pain without visible cause. Many times, this means a tooth has become infected and surrounding tissue has become inflamed. Pain is caused by the immediate swelling around the tooth, which can often be alleviated with over-the-counter pain medication and/or antibiotics.

Patients should schedule a next-day appointment to have existing decay eliminated and the tooth structures restored with either fillings or crowns.

Tooth Avulsion (Knocked-out Teeth)

A patient’s tooth can be knocked clean out of their mouth. When this occurs, preserve the tooth carefully. Follow these steps:

Call our office and schedule an appointment

  • Handle the tooth only by the crown, as the root’s nerves can get damaged
  • Gently rinse the tooth of debris with warm water
  • Preserve the tooth by placing it back in the socket if possible
  • You can also place it in milk or dental preservation solution to keep the tooth from drying out

If a tooth is quickly inserted back into its socket, there is a higher chance of reattachment.

Cracked or Broken Tooth

Dental trauma also has a potential of cracking the tooth. As this can leave the tooth susceptible to decay, immediate care can protect against pain infection.

Fractures can often leave debris in the mouth. Rinse with warm water to remove any tooth fragments. Apply gauze if there is bleeding. Place a cold, damp towel on the cheek to reduce swelling. Use dental cement to protect the tooth until your next appointment at Love Dental Panorama Hills.

Loose Filling or Crown

Several reasons can lead to a loose filling or crown. As we age, the tooth can change shape and our oral anatomy can shift, which can dislodge fillings, crowns, and other restorations in the process. However, patients can save crowns and refashion them to fit their new anatomical structure.

If you’ve experienced a lost filling or crown, treatment is readily available. Be sure to preserve the crown if it remains completely intact. Call our practice and schedule an appointment to replace the crown or affix a new prosthetic.

Proactive Emergency Response

There is no way to predict an emergency, but you can stay prepared. Keeping these key items on hand in a first-aid kit can greatly improve your chances of minimizing the effect a dental emergency can have on appearance and function:

  • Preservation solutions for teeth
  • Denture Glue
  • Gauze
  • Orajel
  • Towels
  • Pain Relievers

Our team strives to be gentle when responding to emergency dental issues. We respect our patients and understand an emergency brings about a lot of stress, so we try to accommodate anxiety and alleviate discomfort. Our main goal is to help patients get back to full function and health with minimal to no impact on their appearance.

Call Love Dental Panorama Hills for comprehensive emergency care to restore your best smile.

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